The Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry within the ERC was founded in 1993, at the initiative of six Chambers of Commerce within the Carpathian Euroregion, in order to support and to develop economic and trade relationships between the regions these Chambers represent. At this moment the Association includes nine members: Borsod - Abaúj -- Zemplen CCI (Hungary), Kosice CCI (Slovakia), Subcarpathia CCI and Rzeszow CCI (Poland), Lviv CCI, Ivano-Frankivsk CCI and Transcarpathia CCI (Ukraine), and Bihor CCI and Maramures CCI (Romania).


Besides this Association, the Trade Commission of ERC (whose presidency is held since autumn 2003 by Maramures CCI), has developed and implemented over the past few years numerous actions meant to support and to promote the business environment within the ERC.


Three international forums organized in Baia Mare (in 2003, 2005 and 2006), are a testimony to the lobbying efforts made to facilitate the free movement of goods, capital and persons within the ERC.


The relevant presence of all the countries within the ERC at these events is a clear evidence of the interest shown to the subjects addressed.


Ukraine as a country member of the ERC, had a special status as the other countries of ERC were or eventually became EU members. Thus, attention has focused particularly on stimulating and supporting cooperation with Ukraine.


If some countries have established through bilateral agreements, flexible and accessible conditions for a favorable movement of persons in and from Ukraine, other countries have imposed more rigid rules that do not stimulate an increase in economic relationships, and not only, with this country.


Through EU funding, Romania sought to reestablish and intensify its relationship Ukraine.


Economic cooperation was one of the main priorities.


Through Phare Neighbourhood Programme Romania - Ukraine, there were implemented EU financed projects with the aim of intensifying the economic relationships between the 2 countries.


During the 5 years since Maramures CCI holds the Presidency of the Trade Commission, there was a relevant participation in several international seminars and conferences, of which we mention the International Conference for to the development of transport infrastructure in Romania, Ukraine, Serbia and Montenegro (Ujghorod, March 2008).


Also, there were disseminated periodic reports and information at various meetings of ERC, for example during the ERC Conferences, which took place in Niregyhaza, Presov, Ujghorod, Lvov and Baia Mare.